• Industrial Vaccum Cleaner

    Eco Friendly & Cost Effective

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Our industrial vacuum cleaner collects all waste quickly and efficiently from the ground.

It can suck up cigarettes, cans, bottles, dog waste, dead leaves and other industrial waste with little effort. We currently use this machine in warehouses, schoolyards, car parks, factories, airports, retail parks, sporting events, music events, private functions, public spaces and markets.

Urban and industrial vacuum cleaner
We can clean tram/railway lines quickly and efficiently

Our Cleaning Machine

Our industrial vacuum cleaner works outdoors and indoors, on every type of surface: concrete, tarmac, paving, lawn, cinder track, sand etc.


Our waste vacuum cleaner enables us to cover areas faster and more efficiently therefore one machine can complete more work than five operatives with handcarts. It can be used anywhere where there is waste on the ground can be used on all types of ground: concrete, tarmac, paving, grass, rail tracks, sand, astro turf etc

Eco Friendly

Zero CO² emissions. Its high filtration capacity (18m2), ensures that it does not eject any dust into the atmosphere. It is powerful yet silent therefore it can be used anywhere, anytime without disruption. All litter removed and recylced where possible.


Our industrial cleaning machine can be used on all types of ground both indoors or outdoors we clean tramways, station platforms, aco drains, catch pits, warehouses, schoolyards, car parks , factories, airports, retail parks ,sporting events, music events, private functions, public spaces, markets.

Advantages of Our Vacuum Cleaner

  • Eco friendly no emissions
  • More efficient
  • Cost Effective
  • Litter recycled when possible
  • Silent operation
  • Excellent public perception
  • All litter and debris removed
  • Use outdoors and outdoors
  • Adapts to any surface
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